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Lakes, Streams & Rivers in the Butternut Area

Walleye caught in Butternut WisconsinBUTTERNUT LAKE

Located 1/4 mile South of Butternut.
Famous for excellent Muskie fishing
Good for Walleyes and large crappie
Some Northerns in 30-35" class

Two resorts on the lake:
Timber Breeze Resort
Butternut Resort

Camping at Butternut Lake Campground
Blacktop boat launch on Lake View Drive on west side of the lake

For more information on Butternut Lake


Private-No Public Boat Launch


Located east of Butternut
Excellent Muskie and small mouth bass fishing
Good Walleye and Good Sturgeon

No resorts on entire 26 miles from Turtle Flambeau Flowage to Park Falls Dam

Four Boat Landings:
Robinson Landing-below Turtle Flambeau Flowage Dam
Holts Landing- located 6 miles east of Butternut on Creamery Road
Agenda Landing- 6 miles east of Butternut on River Road
Sportsman Landing- just north of Park Falls on River Rd.

Many sparkling rapids between Robinson Landing and Agenda Landing. Not available for large boats, except last six miles between Agenda Landing and Sportsman's Landings.

Excellent canoeing from Robinson Landing to Agenda Landing. About twenty miles long and eighteen rapids ranging form class 1 to class 3.

Guided river boat trips for fishing or sight seeing through Midway Bar Located 11 miles northeast of Butternut on County F.

Turtle-Flambeau Flowage

Located twenty miles east northeast of Butternut on County F.
Famous for excellent Walleye Fishing
Small mouth Bass fishing is improving every year thanks to Catch and Release
Large Crappie and Perch and Northerns are common

Several Resorts on east side of flowage

Bear Lake

Located nine miles west of Butternut on Bear Lake Road
A widening of the Chippewa River,
has a good Walleye, Northern, and some Muskie fishing

Public Boat Landing, but it's a little rough

Trout fishing is getting better and better every year. The high beaver population of the late 70's and early 80's disrupted the natural production of brook trout. Due to the bounty on beaver by the DNR, the population is now in control and the clear streams in the area are once and again flowing cold.


Swamp Creek (East of Butternut)

Deer Creek (East of Butternut)

Butternut Creek (East of Butternut)

Camp 15 and tributaries of the Chippewa River to the west of Butternut


  • Musky caught in Butternut
                                                          WisconsinThis information was provided by James Lynch, a local fishing guide.



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